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Lucia, Katikati, NZ

Maisey is a bearded collie cross with a somewhat wiry, coarse coat. We have been using the HoneyVet Shampoo and Conditioner for the last few months and the results have been very favourable. The HoneyVet Nourishing Shampoo was more gentle on her skin and had a lovely soft scent -- unlike so many of the other pet shampoos which smell more chemical in nature.
I have never used a pet conditioner before so was a little dubious as to the effectiveness. I was pleasantly surprised! The HoneyVet Calming Conditioner went on smoothly and gave her coat a soft, clean feel. Her coat looks fluffier and is much easier to brush. We have definitely noticed she is scratching a lot less as well. 
We think she looks terrific! Thanks HoneyVet!


Sera, Morrinsville, NZ

My horses did really benefit from the HoneyVet shampoo and conditioner. It left their coats feeling soft and looking shiny.


My thoroughbred has sensitive skin that can go dry and scaly after being washed, HoneyVet's active ingredients like Kanuka Honey and Aloe Vera aided in keeping his coat soft and hydrated. It didn't dry out his skin like with most shampoos and didn't make his mane and tail dry out like straw. 



I love using HoneyVet shampoo & conditioner on my Miniature Schnauzer, Tiger. Schnauzers are known to be prone to having skin issues so using a natural product is really important to me. 

As a professional pet groomer I have confidently used HoneyVet products to bath dogs known to have skin issues. They are returned to their owners smelling good, with nice and clean coat and calm skin.


I can highly recommend HoneyVet to all pet owners.

Allpaws Grooming

Kim, Hamilton, NZ

I'm the owner and operator of Allpaws Mobile Grooming. Over the years I have tried a number of shampoos.

About 2mths ago I got onto HoneyVet Shampoo.
OMG this is the best shampoo I have used yet. It is suitable for all skin types. I don't have to use medical shampoo now as HoneyVet is great for itchy and bad skin animals.
I have a few dogs that I had to use a medical shampoo as they get a skin reaction if I didn't use a med shampoo. Now I don't have to worry any more as they don't react to the HoneyVet. Even the dogs that had fine coats have started to thicken up and get their full coats back. The HoneyVet Shampoo makes their coats so soft and makes brushing out so much easier. I don't have to use any other products even to get the knots out they brush out so much easier.
As a groomer I highly recommend the HoneyVet Shampoo.

Mia and Storm

Jo, Katikati, NZ

This is Mia and Storm. We have just had a lovely warm shower using Honey Vet Shampoo and Conditioner.

We smell amazing and our coats are feeling super soft and smooth.


Kate, Katikati, NZ

I've been using the HoneyVet Soothing Skin Spray on my 12 month old kitty, Smokey, and am obsessed!

I spritz the spray on to a rubber brush and comb through her fur every couple of days. It not only has kept her coat silky soft, but also has subdued any itchy spots or irritations.

The best part about this spray is it's all natural so I don't have to worry about her licking herself after combing through.